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been a while

2011-05-19 06:40:47 by PizzaMan911

I've missed this place.... I haven't done anything here on newgrounds for a while..... so I'm just gonna go get more medals now....

Feelin' blue

2011-02-26 02:03:04 by PizzaMan911

Almost march, damn the school year passed by so fast here. Can't wait for summer here. While all the rest of you newgrounders are probably waiting for spring break.

YES! IT's that yearly holiday that gets you truckloads of gifts and great hope. Here's a bunch of things to do on Christmas. Well, first, make sure you already bought the gifts you plan to give because if you wait until like... two days before Christmas, it's gonna be crowded like a concert. Then if you're a Christian... try going to those masses at night. and btw, do show your wish list to any friends or relatives so that you won't get a crappy gift. Live the breakt o the fullest, don't just sit and do nothing. BE ACTIVE unless you wanna be a hobo for christmas. Well,for me though, I spend Christmas sleeping in and watching late night cartoons( shows from the 90s are still on the air in the Philippines at around 11 pm-7 am). Then I'd log on here and vote on some flash works. COMMENT BELOW AND TELL ME WHAT YOU'RE DOING FOR CHRISTMAS (or hanukkah)

happy 10-10-10! goo or bad?

2010-10-09 23:53:54 by PizzaMan911

Yes folks! It's that time of the twelve years when we celebrate three same numbers on an exact date. Although most people say:"big deal", these dates are indeed special for you'd have to wait another millennium just to get these exact dates again. So now what? Its 10-10-10. Is it lucky? Yessiree! It's lucky according to astronomical studies! So what to do? Gamble in vegas! Enter some numbers in a lottery! C'mon! It's your chance! This is the tenth time we'll experience this...two more and never again. Enjoy the moments while its here.
P.S. Any submission today may get you famous...or most viewed, or win an award.

Movie Project

2010-06-20 03:19:03 by PizzaMan911

Me and my pals from high school are currently working on a movie project. It's called "The Second After 2012". You can tell that it is a comedy and action short film. I dunno if we'll post it here, or post in youtube and share it everywhere else.

Funny Vids For the Month (5)

2010-05-11 23:32:07 by PizzaMan911

Well these were the funniest vids I saw on Youtube. The tribute for NG is also almost done, just fillinjng in the colors.
1. Vertical Leap Fail (Failblog)

/* */
2. Lego Short Extremely Slow Bullets (Forrestfire101)

/* */
3. Funny Animation (Animator vs Animation) (SatanicNun)

/* */
4. 100 vs. 1 Japanese Prank (thermOman)

/* */
5.Try To Watch This Without Laughing Or Grinning (Lazermatt)

/* */
Hope you lol'ed at these videos!

Happy Pico Day

2010-04-30 05:20:20 by PizzaMan911

Finally, a whole year's wait and I'm at my 1st whole year now. Happy Pico Day everyone.I'll draw a tribute soon....

south park threats/??

2010-04-28 23:03:14 by PizzaMan911

Aw God....heard about it and now I heard that they might cancel the ep.

Ok, after a year of being in newgrounds, it's official. I'm gonna work on my first project. Category? Comedy/Stop Motion. Title? haven't thought of one.... I'll think of one soon. Sneak Preview? More of a hint..... a pencil and an eraser on a heated debate. And yes, I'm also gonna post a few comix soon.

punk-o-matic2 rockss!!!

2010-01-31 00:28:43 by PizzaMan911

hahahaahah! that game was awesome. i recommend you try it!